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According to the Washington Post, “While national news outlets seem fixated on the city’s gun violence and crime, Shermann “Dilla” Thomas has built an impressive audience by highlighting his hometown’s best qualities.” And it’s true. Chicago Mahogany Tours by Dilla is changing the narrative of Chicago. And we need your help to continue to create a positive narrative of this city, and better educate the world about Chicago.

As a way to expand the Chicago Mahogany Tours brand and better serve Chicago residents, our company needs its own tour bus. After years of contracting with local bus companies, our team recently determined the need to own a Chicago Mahogany Tour Bus to better accommodate groups to tour across Chicago. Owning a tour bus also helps our small company receive a better return on our investments and better allocate our funding back into the work that we do for residents, not only in Chicago, but in other cities as well. To achieve this goal, Chicago Mahogany Tours needs your support. We trust that our community leaders, organizations, and businesses will pour back into us the same commitment that we pour into Chicago, every single day.

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